44 comments on “Eriserry -Thrissur Style (With Mathanga & Van Payar)

  1. Hai veena,
    this is really good, from a long time i am searching for thrissur style mathaga payar curry and its really good… are u which part in thrissur? all the thrissur recipies hard to find but u made it easy, waiting for more ..best wishes


  2. Hai veena,

    I am from potta near chalakudy veena……..nw i am staying in chicago….thanks for the blog…..waiting for more


  3. hai dear friend,this is good recipe and thank u soo much.i make this carry for my hus and he said this taste is like my mothers curry.


  4. hey veena,
    Thanks a lot….its really satisfactory.you have given each and every details that makes it easy to understand even for a non experienced person.keep it up!!!


  5. hi veena….
    Thanks a lot for such a lovely recipe… especially for starters like me…Let the good work continue…


  6. Hey, thank u so much for this recipe, I love the trissur style mathanga and payar erissery, but was looking for an accurate recipe, I tried urs and must I say, it came out so well that I’m thrilled and I cant thank u enough 🙂 keep putting up fab stuff like this!!


  7. Thank u for this yummy curry Veena ji. Google has proved to be a blessing for those who are staying away from their families like me in gulf. Its one of my fav. curry so googled it nd the curry came out with flying colours. Thanx again.


  8. veenachechi ee recipe njaan anveshichu nadakkayirunnu. ente husband nte favorite aanu ithu. pakshe enikku undakkan ariyillayirunnu, thnx 4 this chechi.


  9. Hii, Veena,

    I’m Deepan from Chentrappinni, You’ll definitely be knowing where this village is.

    I do really appreciate your efforts. I’m fond of cooking and food (Didnt yet tried much). But definitely go through your recipe additions often.

    Thanks again.


  10. Hello,
    Your recipe saved the day. I was kind of confused with what to make with Mathanga.. Erissery is the best thing.. Thank you so much.. The dish was a killer.. Good job there.


  11. Hi Veena, I like ur recipes.I tried ur pickle recipe and it was awesome.Today I am going try erissery. I am also from trichur,edamuttam. …Do u know dat place?


  12. Hi veena chechi… One month Before, I had prepared this errisery recipie. It was very tasty . Thanks A Lot.


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