11 comments on “Parippu Pradhaman

  1. oooooooh….Im drooling….I love all kind of payasams that uses jaggery..missing my moms payasam now….can i have some?…u got that traditional payasam dish as well…i dono what it is called…
    take care


  2. Hi, I tried your recipe today, and it came out really well. I guess the taste of payasams also depends on the type of jaggery we use….


  3. Hi sarita…
    Great to knw tht the payasam came out well..yes it’s very true..the taste of payasams very much depends up on the type of jaggery we use…here in dubai nt getting the good type type jaggery like Kerala…the taste is very much different d the smell also…anyway thanks a lot for trying my recipe d keep on visiting curryworld….


  4. Veeenajan madam,

    I could not wait so long to try out this yummy pradhaman.We made it immediately yesterday once we cleared all doubts.

    This is such an authentic recipe and the taste was soooooooooooo delicious and i don’t have any words to express the taste.We all liked it and enjoyed.

    We are going to make this often for sure.

    Thanks for sharing such an authentic,wonderful kerala recipe.

    Thanks for your great help in clearing our doubts.


  5. Thanks for authentic traditional kadalaparippu prathman. I tried it, just avoided sogo to taste different,it was delicious, really like the one served in sadhya. Hope will come with more kerala tastes.Mam kindly reveal the secret behind your lovely hair!!!!!


  6. hi thanx for e recipe..it worked well..had tried n yummy..

    given this link to my SG frnds too..Thanks 😉


  7. Dear Veena
    I stumbled upon your site while looking for a recipe for payasam. I made it with moong dhal and it was absolutely delicious. I think sautéing the cooked dhal in ghee gave it a beautiful flavour. None of the other recipes mention this step. So thank you!


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