11 comments on “Dry Egg Roast

  1. Hi Lubna ….
    Thanks yaar …. 🙂

    Ann …he he ..avide irunnu enne egane tempt cheyyumbo njan enthelum cheyyende daa …!!! eppadi … 😉 yea da i am in dubai nw …thrissur ril aa veedu..what abt u? nattil evideya ?


  2. I remember seeing “perinjanam” Is it between Irinjalakkuda and Thrissur..Or while going to Thriprayar..dont know,but i remember seeing lots of big houses most of which are inhabited by Muslim Community.Whatever,Thrissur is thrissur…We belong to Puthukkadu.


  3. I love agg rost especially if it is with appoms. I can imagine just tearing a piece of appom and then taking a piece of that egg and the onions and just popping into my mout.
    Now after all that i am really hungry for this


  4. made tis one today chechi.. came out yummy.. loved it! 🙂 thanks for the wonderful recipe..


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