24 comments on “Coconut Rice

  1. Dearie,I too was missing you..but i was gone with Mumbai tragedy..was under the television watching NDTV..Even now being haunted by horrible dreams yaa..
    and so you are back ? With your abscence,I was here experimenting your Kaaya erissery and kadalapparippu prathaman…how do u like it ?
    kaaya erissery undaakkiyappozhe theernnu.ente kothiyan bharthaavum njanum koodi kitchenil vachu thanne theerthu.
    Prathaman njan thante recipie yude double undaakki..coz’ my hubby was adamant on that..wows…wht a prathaman veena…umma.pinney,i will post prathaman pic..coz’we have some left in the fridge..and you know,as the days pass by prathaman goes tasty and tasty…so,i didnt miss you..understand vee……?


  2. Hey Ann…
    Thats so nice of u dear …ummaaa …appol pradhaman okke adichu egane irikka allee…
    yea da even i couldnt sleep after seeing that tragedy ..was infront of the tv for 2 days ..it was terrible …hmmm…
    after that only we left for holidays …da i have uploaded snaps in orkut k ..we had a nice time …so have to make start my blogging …enthelum undakkanam ..
    then hw is life thr ..x-mas okke evide vare aayi


  3. Hello kazhuthakkutty,aa paavam tinayude vattayappam appreciate cheythappol “ann” ennu address cheythirikkunnu !! ee veenakkutty..ethayalum oonilum urakkathilum enne orkkunnathinu oru giftum kondu angottu varunnundu…Santa…Gingle Bells….gingle bells…Monu sughamayo ? take care and celebrate Xmas..Love


  4. Hi Veena

    Hope you are fine..kore naal ayallo puthiya post publish cheythittu….

    wish you and your family a happy & wonderful new year!!

    take care


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