26 comments on “Varutha Kozhi Curry /Fried Chicken Curry

  1. I too love ur blog. My mouth is burning now after eating ur spicy chicken.
    Ur Varutha Koli is special dish for the New year from you. Can I come to ur house for a chat and then smell the aroma of ur kitchen and finsih all this dish? And I’ll wish you and ur family a very Happy New Year 2009. I know you’ll not allow me to enter ur house if I want to come on 2010. He he he……… Nice Joke for New Year, Right? Wink?


  2. Varsha ..Thanks dear ..try and tell me k ..

    Lubna ..we are using coconut oil to get authentic kerala taste …

    Ann …u r saying like this coz u love me πŸ˜‰ he he …..thanks da..

    Rajee ..yea come home ..will def make this chicken curry for u ….i have updated rice noodles..check it ok…

    Happy Cook ..
    thats really great to hear ..anyway try and let me knw the result πŸ™‚


  3. Hi veena,
    coconut oil give a treditional touch to the curry and currey leaves will give anice aroma and totaly this curry looks so yummy beautiful click and thank you so much for visiting my blog and a sweet comment


  4. Needless to say that it was TASTY!!!!
    I ate it did’nt i??At ur place!!!
    YUMMY….YUMMY….Hey…daaa..the pic looks really good eh!
    Will havta try this very soon…..
    Well, nw that i have all of ur Kitchen at my fingertips…alll the more easy for me…..thanx darlin!!!
    YEAAAAAAHHHHH…Perfect combi for Ghee Rice!!!!!KUDUS to u!!!


  5. chechise.. if tis photo aint good, i wonder how much i am gonna drool wen u find a photo u feel gud enuf!! πŸ™‚ mis the curry leaf decoration!


  6. Hi,
    Nice recipe!! So do you grind the fried coconut pieces or just leave it as it is in the gravy? Thanks


  7. Hi neha ..
    Thanks a lot for ur lovely comment..yea no need to grind ..just leave it like that only …we want the nice aroma of coconut (when fried)


  8. Veena sweetheart…u wud’nt want to hear this!!!!
    guess what?!??!?…was feelin very very nostalgic without u here….was missin u like hell….finally i decided to make this Varutha kozhi curry!!!Nw hear this!!!it was soooooo yummy..soooo delicious….soooooo mouthwaterin……sooooooo …soooooo….sooooo…tastier than ur’s!..hehehehahahaah
    my Benji ate it as if his stomach was bottomless..so did Bijoe…..
    thanx darlin…..see hw much iam missin u!!!!


  9. Veena fried chicken looks spicy and yummy. Great clicks. By the way thanks for stopping by. Your blog looks cool too. I’ll be happy to visit your blog very often.


  10. Hi I got to know ur blog from a friend of mine and was asked to prepare this dish for her ..will let u know it tasty btw u got a really tempting blog esp ur chicken recipe..will try all them..keep the good work friend..if u got time pls check out my blog and give ur comments too..would appreciated if u sign in too..


  11. Hii

    I came to know about your blog from my friend…
    I am checking this for the first time…loved all your recipes….
    Will try out the recipes as soon as possible…. πŸ™‚


  12. chechi fried chicken is mouth watering i tried it yesterday abhi appreciate me a lot thank u so much for the recipe


  13. I was searching for this type of chicken curry. But i think you have forgot mentioning about coriander powder, or is it not required? If it’s required please mention the quantity too.

    By the way, can you mention the ingredients of the garam masala used in this particular recipe?
    Thank you.


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