10 comments on “Taking a Small Break

  1. Enjoy the time with your parents and your son.
    And eat lots of home made kerala food.
    I will miss the food you will be enjoying there; so think about me when you have those yummy treats 🙂


  2. Happy Cook …
    yea def i thought of u when i had our food….i have seen ur comments but could`t reply coz of busy schedule u knw …
    Thank u Shama ,Varsha,Ann,Usha ,Lubna for ur wishes ..Varsha d Ann ..thanks a lot for the awards…love u all


  3. veena dear,welcome back ..i really really missed you..you have an award waiting..love to see you back..no prob marchil pokallo maashe


  4. Hi veena thanx for stopping by at my blog..i am new in blogging..U hav a nice blog with lots of kerala dishes unniyappam kanditte kothiyayi…


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