15 comments on “Mulaku Bajji/Chilly Bajji(Banana-Pepper fritters)

  1. milagai bajji looks awesome… reminds me of the bajjis that I used to buy in Marina beach in Chennai 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my site – love our recipes and am going to keep coming back 🙂


  2. hmmm..itha azhakaana mulakaa bajji ? Ithu yaar kayyale chamachathu ? ennude veenava ? poratte oru plate…ready here..
    Pinne aa njandu kandittu,aa saadhanam vaayichittu,oru comment parayanam..(kaathil aayalum mathi ketto)
    eppo paarkkalam ?


  3. veenaa….kothipikkalley!! its one of my favorite snack..i just love mulakku bhajji from the roadside thela’s in kerala…i am missing it badly..:(


  4. its a nice recipie ……..bt cn u please tell mee hw to make the sauce that goes with mulaku bajjiiiii…………….


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