16 comments on “Nadan French Toast

  1. oops…aake change cheythalloda..nannayittundu..aa curry world ithiri koodi valuthakkikkode ? (pinne gtalk aake prasnamaanu..athu cut aayippoyatharunnu.pinne vannathu njan arinjillarunnu)


  2. Bombay Toast! thats how I knw it! a childhood fav, havent had for so long now!

    Curryworld has a new dress after the b’day? chechi, the title luks quite small and even the text font is small and a but strain to the eyes. Can u make it a bit more larger?


  3. Hi Veena,

    My daughter just loves these. Although I make with normal milk and add a few drops of vanilla essence too.

    Maybe I will try with coconut milk sometime.


  4. hi veena,
    Thanks so much for the visit and comment at my blog, keep visiting 🙂
    French toast used to be one of my favourites …I too make it same as u do, but the coconut milk usage is an interesting twist to the french toast…would love to try it sometime. The snaps are heavenly.
    Happy 1 year blog Anniversary! great to celebrate with a home made pizza. Happy blogging!


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