9 comments on “Ethakka Varuthathu/Raw Banana Chips (Upperi)

  1. Oh great! thx for your response… I’m planning to make it with coconut oil, like the way they sell in india… not healthy but what the heck 🙂

    Your comments will be appreciated on my new blog 🙂


  2. Nice and crispy banana chips…don’t get the ethaka here but will surely try them at the earliest possible. So tempting!! Welcome back after the long break..looking forward to your other delicious recipes.


  3. Hi,

    Actually this is not related to the receipe but I have a query to the preparations of the festival. I am a North Indian married to a tam-malyalee and we do not stay with his family and I wanted to make the preperations for the festival.

    I was just wondering if there is any place in Bangalore where we can get the preparations on a plate. You know like how wen we go to temples we have a prepared ‘thali’ available, do we get something like that for vishu as well? coz i was going thro the list of requirements and i actually am not familiar with the stuff infact i dont even know what half the stuff is. If there is a particular place i can go and buy this that you know of it will be great.

    Hoping to hear from you today as vishu is tomm..,,,



  4. veena chechi….i made this last week….it was superbb….my husband was telling me ,its like hot chips kaaya varuthathu…..thank u sooo much….hugs


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