23 comments on “Easy Palappam & Egg Curry

  1. I have just tried the above recipe and what a WINNER!!!! For the first time my appam mixture has turned out fabulous. I am so excited and we are having appam for breakfast. Before we sit down to eat I just wanted to say a BIG THANKS!!!! Reena


  2. Hello Veena….I recently got to know about your website when I was randomly searching for appam and mutta recipe….I tried the mutta curry and it was amazing…..my husband and I simply enjoyed it….it is a very simple and an easy way to cook


  3. Hi Leena..
    Thanks a lot for trying the recipe and glad to know tht u d ur family liked it..Plz keep in touch and try more recipes from curry world .. Take care


  4. hiiiiiiii…veenna…

    appam and egg curry looks soooo yummy….. am gng to try it for sure(already I soaked the rice)he he he


  5. Hi, I would love to make the appam but want to know how long to let the batter rise. I understand that yeast action depends on temperature and humidity but just for a general idea of the range…would grinding the night before and cooking in the morning typically work? Also if it gets too fermented, what is the effect? Meaning, can I refrigerate the risen batter and use it for 2 days? Will really appreciate a quick reply since I would like to make this for a guest tomorrow!


  6. Hi Selin …
    thanks a lot dear for trying my recipes ..Happy to know that u all liked them … Wish u and ur family a very happy new year … Keep trying more recipes from curry world.. keep in touch


  7. Tried both recipie s dear..Super ayrunutoo. Nalla crispy paalappam undakan pattunundu.n egg curry is also a gud combition with chapati n noolappam,,😜.Ur blog is so helpful dear,,,,,👍😍


  8. Hi Veena chechi. I am going to try out your palappam recipe for tomorrow’s breakfast.
    I had a question to ask- how many Appams can we make with the quantity mentioned here .i.e. with 2 cups of idli rice.
    Also,Congratulations for the Silver play button award!! 🙂
    Wishing you all success and happiness always.
    Nisha & Bijoy


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