15 comments on “Easy Instant Kerala Plum(Fruit)Cake

  1. hiiii..veeenaa
    good one..the cake looks really moist and yummy tooooo…..

    I will call u tmr okay……


  2. Dear people…this is the best fruit cake recipe …hot from the oven ,I am having it while I am typing this .thank u soooo much Chechi….i had some left over raisins soaked in rum from last Christmas and found it while cleaning up my fridge.and so looked for this recipe here and I am glad I made it…luv u my dearest vena kutty chechi pie..


  3. Hi dear. The cake was super soft. But only one issue..The top was dark like burnt!!!! What could have gone wrong?


  4. Veena…I made this …..Im glad to inform you that it was this taste I was looking for years whenever I tried plumcake during christmas and I realised that the taste got better with each passing day …….Finally, I could make it with you …..Thanks a million!


  5. Could you post the good old masala biscuit recipe which used to be available in the bakeries of central kerala ?


  6. Hi veena. .its Christmas time. .pls upload a video of the same..so that we can try it without any hesitation.


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