14 comments on “Kerala Fish Biriyani -Simple and Delicious

  1. Such a lovely dish. Wanna try this, I am very glad to peer your article, thanks for sharing this article Veena. Eager to make it.


  2. I made your pottukadala chutney and it was delicious. Thanks. As for such complicated recipes, I think it would be better if you broke it up into parts. Marinate the fish, make the fish masala, cook the fish, cook the rice, assemble for the final step etc. Just a suggestion from a computer programmer 🙂
    Thank you.


  3. Hi Veena..Thanks for sharing..will try. This much is enough for 8 people? I am doubtful about the quantity.


  4. Hi Veena chechi.

    Can you please suggest good side dishes for fish biriyani??l M planning to make this biriyani for my vavas birthday. So please do suggest me some recipe


  5. Chechi oru doubt dosha kallil dum cheythal dosha kall kedakkuvo… Ivde aake oru dosha kall matre illu… Ath koode ked aayal veettukar kollum🙆😂Plz reply chechi😘


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