13 comments on “Aviyal-North Kerala Style

  1. Dear Veena, please tell me if we can add ivy gourd instead of snake gourd and should the avial be dry or gravy type.


  2. Hi Veeenajan, I am a north indian gal, but my husband is keralite, so today i made aviayal from your recipe (With slight modification, like i did not put curd), and it turned out very good, Thanks a lot for this recipe, i will make this more often, And wish you a very happy Onam.



  3. Tried this couple of times.. my first aviyal I must say.. really liked it.
    Thanks to your blog 🙂


  4. but Veena ji, Thrissur style aviyal, we never use curd, though the Sothern Keralites use curd. no doubt it is tasty, but the authentic thrissur style, its minus curd.


  5. My first Aviyal… And it looks & tastes really good…. Thanks for such a delicious and simple recipe. 🙂


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