14 comments on “Chiratta Puttu & Varathu Aracha Kadala Curry

  1. i never knew that this kind of mould is available.we used to make in the chiratta.this is wonderful.ur puttu looks exactly the way its made in the chiratta.im already feeling hungry 🙂


  2. Amma makes it well n still uses chiratta.. and sometimes she makes with rava also.. n that also is very soft!

    P.S: I didnt know you get moulds like that.. thats kool alle?


  3. ha yea da..eppol egane mould kittunnund ..its so easy to make also .pakshe chirattayil undakkunna puttinu oru pratheka taste thanne yanu kettoo..so u better make in chiratta ..!!!:)


  4. Hi Veena,
    I just tried out the kadala curry.. what can i say…it was tremendously superb!!!!… for long i was looking for that perfect taste for the kadala curry..finally i found one :)…..too good..planning to have with ur recipe of palappam in evening..will let u know how the palappam turned out ok :)…u simply are superb dear :).. Thanks for posting this recipe..



  5. chiratta puttu njan ipozha kelkane… inganeyum puttu undaakkam alle.. puttu kuttiyil undaakunathu mathrame njan kandittullu… this is looking good.. vl try out the varathu aracha kadala curry this weekend and let u know…


  6. hi veena

    am agreat fan of ur curry world,i tried many of ur recipies,all r a great successs,2day i tried chirattaputtu and kadala curry yummy yummy yaar really superb recipie,plz keep posting ,m heary congrats 4u


  7. your blog is very intersting ..especially for people like me who are learning cooking ..i tried this kadla curry it turned out very well.looking forward for new reciepes from u


  8. hi Veena, yummy kadala curry and puttu, Want to know whether you have more local kerala dish receipes.

    If so pls mail me few receipes urgently
    look forward to ur response



  9. chirattayil puttundakkiyaal oru special naadan taste kittum.steelil athu kittilla shape undakum..


  10. hi Veena

    How much water should be used for this chiratta puttu? How do we know the consistency that the dough is wet enough to be steamed ? My puttu always turns to be either hard or tastes raw.



  11. Dear Anna …
    Cant tell the exact amt of water ..That depends up on the flour ,coconut and all ..so the thing is we must add water little by little till the flour is wet with out lumps .. u must feel the water (not too watery ) Close for 5 minutes ..i think ur puttu is lacking water ,thats y it tastes raw .. try next time ..


  12. Hi Veena chechi….
    My native town is thrissur…now settled in Chennai… Ur recipes are excellent….
    🙂🙂🙂… After marriage I struggled a lot in hubby’s home as I was nothing in cooking… After so many searches I ended here… Ur authentic recipes helped me to cook with confidence… Thanks a lot..


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