15 comments on “Mambazha Pulisserry-Ripe Mango Curry

  1. i tried this . it was awsome. we couldnt grt small mangos here (canada) but i tried with big ones siced to small pieces. it was wonderful. thanks


  2. hi dear veena

    i tried mambazha pulissery thats ma fav dish in de world it came out yummy dear so yummy,anyway thankx 4 de recipe


  3. hi veena

    i neeed an emergency reply from u,i hav a doubt in mambazha pulisssery recipe u didnt mention cumin seeds but in pineapple pulissery u mentioned that and said as both pulissery recipes r same .i wana make mambazha pulissery now is it req 2 add cumin seeds in mambazha pulissery plz reply me fast am waiting for ur reply after that only i will start cooking


  4. Thank u
    yea all nadan recipes from my amma and other recipes are tested and tasted by me and my family ..100% viswasichu undakkan pattunna dishes ..:)


  5. Hi chechi, we never add pepper in any type of morukuttan . can you please tell me if this is the trissur style ( I’m married to trissur side family so looking at your recipes to match their taste) … Can I omit it?


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