5 comments on “Injimpuli/Tamarind-Ginger Hot Sauce

  1. is small onion necessary??? pls let me know abt this, and u said crushing fried ginger, is it enough just crushing it with a spoon or somthing or do we hv to make it a paste?…i realy loved this recipe , so pls help me in this so i can try


  2. Hi Seeba..

    Nice to see ur message .
    Yea i used to add small onion ..its gives a nice flavour ..If u want to avoid it u can …And abt the ginger crushing ,i used to fry the ginger till golden colour ..Then keep them aside to cool ..so that it will become crispy ..When cool crush well in a small blender and make them fine powder …Or if u like to bite the ginger u can just crush …Its up to u ..i used to make fine powder … hope by now ur doubts will be clear ..so plz keep in touch and let me knw the result 🙂


  3. Hi chechi
    Today I made Puli inji. Pakshe korch Puli kudi poyo adho ginger less aayi poyo manslavinnilya.what I have to do.should I add more ginger by doing all the process


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