10 comments on “Easy Vegetable Fried Rice

  1. Woww.. you have an amazing blog Veena. thanks for visiting my blog. fried looks soooooo delicious.. the veggies are cut beautifully in equal size and the rice is cooked perfectly… i like your other pics and recipes as well.


  2. Dear your blog is very nice..and very effective..i didnt preapre most of them but by reading the preparation i can say its gud and effective..cooking is my passion…thanks lot for this blog


  3. veena i tried making fried rice..visually it was nice,, bt i didnt get the taste of fried rice which we get from hotels nd all.. the rice was having a raw taste..please suggest me a solution for this…


  4. how much water should u add for cooking the rice? that is not mentioned in the recipe.


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