6 comments on “Simple Pulisserry/Kachiya Moru

  1. hi veena chechi,

    my name is neetu and i’m from kochi. i’m totally new to cooking and i’ve been on the lookout for good homemade food recipes. i’ve tried to make pulissery twice before without success but thanks to your recipe, i made tasty pulissery today!!
    keep up the good work and please,please add more recipes for people like me :):).



  2. i am not an Indian, but I have a best friend who is Indian from Kerala, and I love her cooking so much. Since we are now half away around the world apart, noone cooks Indian food for me anymore, thanks to your recipes, I can now indulge myself in Indian food again.


  3. We made this pulisserry today.turned out great ….very tasty and we all enjoyed having it.

    we are surprised that this simple recipe gives such a divine taste and moreover for bachelors like us these type of simple & less time consuming recipes will be very useful.

    Even on week days we can make it in a quick time.

    Thanks once again for this nice recipe.


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