9 comments on “Frosted Melon Balls

  1. hi,
    the pictures are too good.

    I tried making this and failed as I didnt have a melon scoop . the icecream scoo is too big.
    then I ended up in squares.


  2. Hi jess..
    Thanks yaar …yea even me too tried with ice cream balls ..!!! yesterday only i got this scoop …:) hmm squares are also good na …

    Sunuji …

    thank u thank u ….Like benji monu is also telling the same ..!!! 🙂 Watermelon nu chilavu koodi …..


  3. yes, you do need a melon baller for this recipe. I also don’t have one, yet.
    The pictures are very good. This is a healthy and easy dessert.


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