27 comments on “Crab Roast

  1. Hi Varsha ..
    Thats a quick comment …Thanks a lot yaar …Happy New Year to u ..ha yea made for 15 people yaar ..atha etrem kooduthal …. 🙂


  2. Hmmmm…was indeed mouth waterin!!!!!
    God!!!i jus loved it daaa….so whenz the next time!?!?!
    Jaldi!! Jaldi….
    i guess nw that u have put it up hre..i cud try,,,alle?
    thanx sweetheart love u…keep up the gud work


  3. Veena,nannayittundu to.When i was a school going kid,the only famous recipe i had was crab roast.I was treated like a queen whenever i made it.Once during exam days,while i was cleaning the crab,the live crab just cut my finger..
    another experience was at Kualalumpur where I happen to order a full crab and when it reached me,i was there puzzled..A big crab ornamented with all the shells and you can imagine..we both couldnt stop laughing..but my hubbie did the job for me..he is a specialist.
    Today am fasting and you cruel girl is tempting me ?
    appo party ugran aayi alle ? neichor undaakkiyo ?


  4. Ann Dear ..

    he he i cant stop laughing after reading this …My God ….. 🙂

    yea party adipoli aayi da…nale ya avi yude satikkum birthday ..nale school lottu sweets kondu pokan ulla thrill il aa avan …. ha da made neychoru …it came out good …

    Sunu ji …yea def u can try da ..and i am sure it will be more good than mine …!!

    Nags ..
    thanks dear


  5. Ah!! long tym! crab roast!! all good memories associated with crabs 🙂 .. tcr il thekkestandil they used to sell good crabs.. Dunno if they still sell it there!!

    My b’day wishes to monu.. jan 6th innayirunnalle!! 😦 hope he had a gr8 tym!! did u bake a cake by any chance for his bday?


  6. Pravs …
    thanks for the lovely comment ..take care
    Prabha ..
    whr r u ..eppol kanane illalloooo……veetilotu vaa oru divasam njan undakki tharam crab roast ….
    Maria …i passed ur wishes to monu …..thanks daa..


  7. Seena …

    vilikkathe vannu koode makale….. u r always welcome na ….
    njan evide fish market il poyitte illa ..aa smell okke kettal njan valu vekkum 🙂

    so eni egottu varan plan illee..njagal jan 15th nattil varunnund ..30th nu thirichu porum


  8. Hi Veena I have tried most of your receipes and all worked well,I tried creab roast today and it came out well.I really want to thank you for your greatc efforts and guidance…


  9. Hi Chitra ..
    Its a pleasure to know that u are trying my recipes and getting good result 🙂 so plz keep on trying and leave ur valuable comments ..


  10. Hi Chechi..

    i tried the receipe..it really turned out well.Nice aroma and taste..thanks aton chechi 🙂


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