20 comments on “Unakka Chemmeen Chammanthi/ A Contiment with Dried Prawns

  1. I love this chamathi, last time i had them was 18 years ago, I have not had them after getting married 😦
    Here one of my vietnameese friends , friend who is from thailand, was cooking thai food with fish sace and her landlord too came and told her she should not make thiis food as it was really smelly. She didn’t had to cacate .


  2. oops …thats an ultimate food..I love the combination of this chammanthi and kutharichoru…the smell itself feel me hungry…and the picture tortue me yaa..what a yummy chammanthi..


  3. Happy Cook ..the same thing happened with ur friend too….hmmm …pettennu thanne chammanthi kazhikkan pattan njan pray cheyyam ttooo…

    Ann …thanks dear ..whr r u .

    Shama .yea i checked ur blog and posted a comment too..

    Lubnaji..yea u r lucky ..Mostly we r planning to move to india .not coz of prawns ..k .. 😉

    Anu..ye its been long time ..even i was too busy here ..i am fine dear ..Going home for 15 days ..

    Varsha..Thanks dear ..njan thenga ezhuthan vittu poyatha ..thanks a lot for noticing that..

    thanks yaar ..will try ur rava oothappam soon …


  4. njan kurachu thirakkilaayippoyi..innalle than nattil pokunnathu ? have a happy journey and come back safe…ente regards ellarodum paranjolutto..love


  5. U made my mouth water & u scooted!!!
    Yummy Chammanthi…have all the ingridients with me…sure gonna try.
    edaaa..itz jus been a day that ur gone & i’ve already started missin u…were u sooooo much a part of me?!?!?!
    hope ur hoggin there….Eat & enjoy…..u can spend ur time at the treadmill after gettin here.
    love u…Muwaaaaahhhh


  6. thx a tonn, for year, ive been CRAVING too, finally i found tiny dried chemmeen in sri lankan store!! crazy, he didn’ have shallots… got it last nite… tonite, its kanji and the chammandhi.. sluuurrrrrp!!!


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