13 comments on “Pacha payar(Achinga payar) mezhukku /Long beans fry

  1. You are torturing me again.
    You woudnt’ believe if i told you i have been sitting here and drooling on the last picture.
    Wish i had that bowl of achinga payar.
    I love them and we don’t get them here.


  2. hey veena…so u too back to blogging….good…even i was in kerala…now me too back to business..how u doing??
    by the way we call it achinga…i just love it!! had loads of it this time back home!!


  3. Kothyaavato..ethra kaalamaayi kazhichittu ?

    puttu njan update cheythu..thanks..in fact njan athu idunnathinu munpu ivide breakfastil nokkiyatha..kandilla


  4. Happy Cook …
    Yea same here ..so nattil poyalee ethu okke kazhikkan pattoo..
    Hi Divz..welcome back ..i am fine da ..missing kerala nw ..
    Anns …onnu nnatil poyi kazhichittu vaada …!!
    Lubna ..try this ..its very very easy to make


  5. I am 75yr old med doctor, Fo time passing, I planted 20 achingapayar seeds in 5 gunny bags 1/2 filled with soil&cowdung. watered every .
    day. put a pandal. after 50 days it yeilds more than 1 kg ach..payar. Now my diet is A..P..thoran 3times a day. No costly onion Feel younger.


  6. What abt the pods of the onion… Frying crushed garlic wt scallions enhances the flavour


  7. Thanks for the feed back .. Updated the recipe..yea used to make pods also .. but in this type of stir fry preparation we never add garlic … (in our area)


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