29 comments on “Varuthu Aracha Sambar

  1. Veena, am seeing myself in you..I was also like you,when i got married, i was not much expert in cooking and for all my experiments, my hubby would say like ur parents only..Good but salt less, bit spicy..like that..Pity guy..But now i have learnt a lot and now i realize how did he tolerated all those…

    Coming to the dish, itz superb..I love arachu vitta sambar..Supera iruku Veena..


  2. I am crazy about Sambar..almost 3 times a week I make it.But normal one tho..This looks so thick n yummy..but ithiri kooduthal effort undu tto.:)..worth it I gues,..:)
    V days was fab da..hope u had grt time too..:)


  3. Hi Veena, Nice sambar! I just made this yesterday..:) I make a very similar sambar and just love the flavor.. Your sambar looks beautiful..


  4. veena,
    innu ivideyum varutharacha sambhar aanu.adding green chilly,garlic is new to me.will try ur version next time .i add shallots also in frying coconut.


  5. Hello Veena,

    I love sambar too! you know I’ve never made sambar with home made masala. I use the instant sambar powder, my mom makes lovely sambar with home ground masala. Should try sambar this way sometime…surely will. Thanks for the lovely recipe and appetising pictures 🙂



  6. Hi Sri ..
    Thanks dear ..ha ha yea i knw i knw …Ur husband is great daa… 😉

    Varsha kutty ..yea even me too had a great ..He gave me cauliflower 😦 He was telling its more useful for me than rose flower.. what to say my dear ..poor me alle daa..

    Sujatha..thanks for the lovely words.

    Vrindaji …i never tried jaggery in sambar ..will try that next time

    Thank u trupti

    Prajusha ..thanks for remembering abt the shallots ..i forgt to include that i the recipe..

    Nitya …thanks dear ..U also gt a lovely blog …come again ..

    Divz..try this version k

    Suparna .yea even i used to make sambar with instant sambar powder for idli and dosa ..but this is too good for rice ..d thanks a lot for the encouragement …


  7. hii.. i am new to yr blog… i too prepare almost similar sambhar.. except that i do not use garlic…. n yr sambhar looks yummy..i went thru almost all yr recipes.. n they r really good… keep it up..


  8. hiii.. i am born n bought up in Pune… my parents are from Guruvayoor (Trichur) n my Husband is from Kottayam…n we r working in Muscat…i hve a son .. Kemuel…studying here.. how abt u…kind regards..


  9. Hi, Thanks for sharing the recipe. I need a clarification on this statement in the recipe
    “In a kadai add 2cups of wter and cook it also .When cool strain it and keep that aside.”
    Is this statement referring to the cooked dal? Please confirm


  10. hi dear ..sorry for replying late ..was on vacation … actually even i couldnt understand why i wrote like the .. sorry for that ..upated the recipe 🙂


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