6 comments on “Happy Vishu

  1. hi Veena,
    That looks like a great festival spread! Thanks for the two methods of payasam! it looks yumm.
    Happy Vishu to u and ur family!


  2. Hey Veena, happy vishu… looks like your family is having a great feast, yes ofcourse you are there to make them all the delectable dishes… How much I miss eating in Vazha ila… Have fun babe…


  3. Ann ..
    Happy Vishu .I used to message to in gtalk and yahoo when u appeared to be online ..but no response .. I am here in dubai only da..was bit busy with monu(he joined in new school) .hw was ur vishu?
    Thank u Vrinda..
    Hi Ramya ..ya even i love feast in vazha ila..this time i was able to get that …:)

    Thank u Lubna


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