36 comments on “Pachakkaya(Raw plantain)/Nentrakkaya Mezhukkupuratty

  1. We had plantain on saturday, oh I just missed it by 2 days otherwise I would have had this recipe to make… Very delectable dish!!!


  2. Hi veenechi, love this one, esply if there is more chilly flakes in it!

    Pinne oru karyam! arivillayamma kshemikkanam! but what is t he diff between mezhukkuparatti, upperi, thoran and things like that? same thing in different names? i think upperi n thoran are same,alle?


  3. wel, forgot to tel u,.. was trying to make chakka varatti and ended up making chakka halwa πŸ˜‰ it tasted gud anyway πŸ™‚


  4. Hi Veena, am here now, little busy thats why couldn’t show up here.. stew and upperi , both looks nice, pinne nammal okke ore reethi alle cooking.. πŸ™‚


  5. Ithu ethakkaya alle veena ? ivide athu kittilla..enikkanenkil athu kittan kothiyavum..kaalan undakkan,avialil idan,pinne ee mezhukkupuattykkum..entha cheyya ? nostalgic..nalla photos veens..


  6. Thanks for visiting my blog Veena:)
    This looks great-though the name is quite a tongue-twister. I remember my friends mom making it for me and trying to get me to pronounce it correctly!!


  7. Veena, nice to see you back. it’s been hectic for the last 2 months and i haven’t been able to keep in touch either. how r u, gal? Raw plantain curry looks yum!


  8. Hi Veena,
    The previous post got me drooling πŸ™‚
    This dish is absouletly spiced up and gorgeous looking, I make a very milder version without the peel, ur version seems so tempting to try.
    Nice pics.


  9. looks very easy to prepare any way will try today.
    hope it would be tasty…


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