35 comments on “Easy Gobi Manchurian No-Fry Version

  1. That’s a nice variation! I make something similar for appam.

    Just a small typo I think you should correct. Instead of saying “omit” you have used “vomit” in one sentence. Do check that 🙂


  2. Hi Nags ..Thanks alot dear ..i wonder how come this mistake came ..anyway thats so sweet of u to inform me .. 🙂
    Thank u happycook,Parita,Sreeviya and Nags for the lovely comments


  3. wow no fry version will be very helpful for me as i tend to eat lot of gobi manchurian & end up feeling guilty ! looks awesome veena !


  4. This is such a healthy and lovley dish…I cant wait to try this one….very different from my deep-fried version 🙂


  5. Trust me,

    No one would believe that its not fried. The pictures are look awesome. Hubby dear and me are going to love this no deep fry version. Such a healthy treat to our taste buds.


  6. Dear Veena – You pictures look as delicious as the recipes you have posted and imeediately made me ravenous!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Will have to try some of the recipes soon…



  7. Veena, nice curry, I always prefer such ‘no fry’ versions! 🙂 pinne choodokke engine, ivide nalla mazha peyyunnu… 😉


  8. What a colorful pictures. Love the clicks and the food!! Nice variation from the usual…guilt free indulgence…this is what we want, thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.


  9. Hi veena,
    shabs here…I think i have com eto ur space long back or have seen ur name somewhere. But now, I know….U r the other person who sent article to snehitha ya?…I also did. And pratheesh has sent a copy to all of us….Nice entry. good to know you.


  10. Hi Veena,

    I tried out this receipe & it was awesome!! Though v like gobi manchurian, I rarely make it coz of initial frying.. Now with this receipe I can make quiet often..Thx for sharing this receipe Veena.. Really v both loved it!!



  11. this is a very useful recipe without oil. most of my family members hates oil to be used in cooking. but this recipe seems apt to my family.


  12. Hi Veena,
    I was desparately looking for a gobi manchurian recipe which does not involve frying and I stumbled upon your take at it.
    Absolutely amazing!
    I tried it and came out really well!


  13. Love your recipe for Gobi Manchurian, but why is it called that? have made something similar to this with aubergines


  14. Hi Veena,
    So tempting and very easy cooking..liked it much..
    Thanks dear..and all the best


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