14 comments on “Mushroom Pepper Roast

  1. Looks yummy…I have tried another of your mushroom curyy …kuruma…..it came out well…will try this asap…
    keep posting chechy



  2. Thanks for this tasty recipe! I tried this couple of days back and it came out great. I got compliments even from my neighbour (a housewife, very experienced in the kitchen) who said she would want to try this out with me sometime soon in her kitchen. Being a novice who only started cooking 3 weeks back, this is a great compliment! It was spicy (my fiancee said it tasted like mutton!) and it went perfectly well with rasam. Thanks. (:


  3. Hi Reeja…

    thats great hear from u ..very to knw tht mushroom pepper gravy turned out good and u gt compliments ..!! so try out other recipes also and let me knw the results ..not blogging from one year ..have to start again with in few months ..nw very much busy with my baby .. so take care and keep in touch


  4. Hi Veena, thanks for your reply! I tried aviyal yesterday and it turned out great too! I am someone who doesn’t know everyday cooking like sambar, thorans and stuff. I only used to cook for leisure once in a fortnight or something. I am really grateful for your blog! (: Wishing you great joy and fun in your baby bonding!!! Of course I’d like to see you blog again!


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