12 comments on “Uluva Verukiyathu/Methi Halwa—- Intended for Post Delivery Care

  1. the uluva verukiyathu looks delicious… looks like its worth the effort 🙂 looking fwd to pookkula verukiytahu too 🙂


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  3. Hello Dear..
    I’m in my 9th month now & i’ll sure try this recipe. Please let me know other good recipes for good milk production. Appreciate it.


  4. Hi ..its good to keep in the fridge d take small portions for the daily use..my Amma used to keep this in room temperature only..but if so we have to warm up daily
    and keep a side..


  5. Thank you. I am travelling so I was wondering if I can make this and carry it with me. I was just wondering if the amount of uluva given in the recipe is correct? Just one hundred grams of methi for 3 to 4 whole coconuts?



  6. hi ..sorry for the late reply…the thing is that i am in dubai and i made this recipe here ..so the coconut which i gt is nt so good ..so i had to take tht much abt for 100gm of uluva..so if the coconut is good then u need only 1 1/2 coconut for the same ..yea sure u can carry with u ..this time when i went to kerala my amma made this for me and i carried that with me ..nw its in my fridge..!!


  7. Thanks, can u post Ayali halwa recipe too….which is given to Increase milk supply after delivery….


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