26 comments on “Chilly Soya Chunks (Meal Maker) Dry and Gravy Recipes

  1. hi..
    I am new to ur blog..was searching for a new recipe for soya chunks.Can u suggest one recipe to prepare soya chunks curry without adding any masalas or sauces?My parents don’t like garam masala taste.Btw, u can cook soya chunks with little water and salt in pressure cooker to 1 whistle and 2 minutes simmering, wash in cold water at least 3 times and squeeze well, to remove the smell of soya chunks, instead of soaking overnight.This way, we can prepare any dish out of this in emergency too.


  2. hi nice to meet you veena.i gone through ur dishes.its all very simple to make nd easy.its almost the sameway as my mom makes.as aam a hotel management graduate am also using mostly the same method of urs for making food.thanks for helping others.i have one request that pls add more drinkd recipes in this blog.



  3. Thank you veena, please post soya munchurian recepie, If you know……I have a blank idea of it but still will be waiting for you response to this post. I will be trying this out now.

    I think even cooking soya in a pressure cooker will do rather than waiting for the whole night, and also soya is a easy thing to digest won’t be a much of problem……I LOVE SOYA


  4. Ha yea yea..I knw ..but personally I don’t like it’s smell.so for my satisfaction I used to immerse this in water for the whole night ! Will post soya manchurian soon ..thank u so much for the comment


  5. its a great dish Veena, I am new to your blog and have tried this today just half an hour ago, taste and textures both were great and main thing is that my wife liked it.. thanks for suggesting such a great recipe..


  6. I want soya chunks to be crispy will this much of soaking make it crispy. I have eaten soyabean chilli in restaurant ljust loved it but when i tried at home it was spongy type and no one liked it rather i just soked it for 15 mins. Only


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