14 comments on “Simple Manga Achar /Mango Pickle

  1. veena
    what a delicious pickle yarr.its best with kanji(rice soup)..
    the tip for avoiding fungus is good.and also we can add vinegar to keep it for long time..


  2. Hi, reminds me of amma’s pickle, very similar… I was thinking of preparing pickles on my own, so hopefully I am gonna make it soon.
    Nice pics, thanks for the recipe!


  3. Excellent looking Manga Achar!!! I used the same measurement for one kilo of Cheema Puli, it came out well 🙂


  4. For Manga, followed the same recipe the only change that I made was adding an handful of mustard seed(ground) coz I dont get Kadugu parippu here!! It came out well :):)


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