10 comments on “Vendakka /Okra Curry (Fish Curry Style)

  1. Hi Veena,
    I read this post very casually the day you posted it but something inspired me to go with it and prepared this next day and I tell you it was just mind blowing… it was very very tasty not to mention my husband loved it a lot. Thank you so much for the recipe !


  2. Hi Nimi..Its great to knw that u all liked the curry..My husband turned to veg nw ..So can’t make fish curry and my kudampuli is starring at me for long.. ,So thought of this veg version .. 🙂


  3. Hi Veena,
    I dont have kudampuli with me. Can I try this recipe without kudampuli?
    can I substitute with tamarind?


  4. Hi Deepti..
    Thanks for dropping by..hw r u ..
    Hmm .. U can substitute ,but wont that taste we are expecting ..We are expecting a fish curry taste with out fish ..So kudampuli is the hero .. 🙂 anyway u can experiment with tamarind but first with small quantity ..


  5. Veena,
    Thanks for your reply. Yes I can understand the importance of kudampuli. I will try searching for it in Indian Stores. You have many good recipes that I really wanted to give a try. Great work Veena 🙂


  6. Yes Veena. In US. It’s anudeepskitchen.wordpress.com
    There is nothing much in it 🙂
    Just started to write with my husband’s inspiration.


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