6 comments on “Dragon Chicken

  1. Lovely blog…..
    2 questions……for marination do we use the cornflour? if so…
    You have mentioned ” add cornflour mix ” at the end of the methodology..however this ingred is not mentioned above so does that mean we add only one tbsp in the marination ( 2 is mentioned)
    AND ..whats celery in hindi ? the pictures on the internet look like coriander!!!!


  2. Hi Shubhangi…
    Thanks for the comment…sorry yaar..I will change the amount of cornflour in the recipe…for marination we must use 2 tbsp of corn flour and in the last 1/2 tsp is needed ..we are using in the last for getting a coat over both chicken and vegetables…actually I don’t knw the Hindi word of celery still when I googled I saw as Ajmud..otherwise u can ask celery in any veg shop,they can understand….the smell is very much different from coriander leaves…
    So hope by nw ur doubts are cleared .. 😊
    Thank u again ..come again…take care


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