9 comments on “Egg Biriyani

  1. nice one veena……….i ve become an ardent follower of ur blog……..but one douibt here………since the rice is already cooked(even tho 3/4th) n if we keep it for one hr in low flame with all the gravy n all, wont it get ovr-cookd??????….


  2. Thank u Vinni for ur lovely words.here I am using induction cooker nt gas stove ,so It takes 1 hour for me to get a proper dum..always cool the rice and do the dum.still if u have doubt,open the lid after half an hour..the steam should be fully covered over the biriyani…that’s the right proportion….if u did the right dum then if u open the lid light steam will directly hit ur face..like we use vapourisier 🙂 Hope by nw ur doubt is cleared ..still if u have suggestions or doubt plz feel free to right to me …take care ..good day


  3. hai veena ,
    u know tamil
    this my fav briyani,this most wanted recipe for me, finely i got it i will try soon


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