9 comments on “Koottucurry(Varutherusserri) North Kerala Style

  1. Chechi.. Super ayittundu koottucurry..ivide kozhikode njangal koottucurry enna parayaru..njangal koottucurry undakarundu but jaggery add cheyyarillayirunnu.Appol okke entho oru taste kuravu undakarundu but now i understand why it was so.Now i made with adding jaggery then it’s so delicious and the original taste of koottucurry came.Now my Akhi ettan also like this.He also appreciated you.. So Me Anjusha and my hus Akhil ettan are wishing you and ur family a Happy and prosperous Onam…


  2. This recipe is lovely and yummy. Can you advise how many servings can be made with the ingredient measured here?


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