8 comments on “Easy Fish Molee

  1. I have always wanted to try meen molee because it looks so delicious. However, I know that there is a version that uses mango. Is it simple to incorporate mango into this recipe?


  2. Hi Veena,

    While in Muscat we used to order fish molee from a particular Keralite restaurant which was our favorite combination with parathas. Was feeling nostalgic and wanted to try out fish molee at home.
    What began as casual surfing ended up bumping into your website and going through your recipes. Wow, what an array of recipes…Although basically from Mangalore, Keralite cuisine has always been my favorites and your curryworld is just the place to explore the possibilities. On a lighter note, your commentary while recording the fish molee recipe, reminded me of Shankar Mahadevan’s Breathless…..enjoyed it though.


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