16 comments on “Neer Dosa and Egg Roast

  1. we make the egg roast the same way !! 😉 🙂 🙂 I always loved this dosa since the time I had it once in kerala. But somehow that swirling goes wrong :/ May be I should make dosa’s more often !!! Great blog veeena ji !!!


  2. Great food Blog. Just started trying my hand at Indian cooking. Your pictures make following along and understanding the methods of preparation easier. Plus the little stories, especially about the dosa are so entertaining. Love it!


  3. Mouth watering recipe. Nisha u say that u used idly rice that means the boiled rice ?


  4. Came to know about your egg roast recipe through a friend and I tried neer dosa/egg roast combo. So yummy, you have got a wonderful collection, thanks for sharing:)


  5. I tried Neer Dosa.It came out very well and become favourite of my family.Thanks very much.U r doing really good work.Keep it up


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