20 comments on “Restaurant Style Spicy Chilli Chicken

  1. am drooling….i had made this recipie so many times…but i didnt get the exact red colour for my dish…can u please tell me how can i get this colour without adding any artificial colours..??


  2. tried the recepie yesterday…..lovely….could you please sent me different soup recepies for my kids?


  3. ohh lovlyyy..luks yummy and truly restaurant style.. i had tried ths bt i dnt gt ths red clr evn afrr adng ketchup and soya sauce…can u help me out….


  4. Hi Veena, tried this chilli chicken for dinner today and I have only one word – spectacular. This dish truly evoked childhood memories of the chilli chicken that I used to eat at restaurants back home. The color was soy-ish, but I didnt mind as the taste more than made up for it. Plus the restaurant ones that I recall used to be this color anyway. 🙂 Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe.


  5. Shilpa..
    thanks a lot for trying this recipe …even i like rest style chilli chicken that i had in my college days ..but after that never had a chance to have the same taste ..so i tried many times to get that taste ,at last 95% succeeded ( i think 😉 ) So Shilpa ..plz do keep in touch and pass ur valuable comments and feed back…. take care


  6. isn’t 250 mg kind of a small serving, how would the proportions of ingrediants change if u were to cook say ,, 2 kgs or a kG of boneless chicken instead. thanks


  7. Veena chechi

    I have tried some of your recipies and to be honest nothing have failed it’s a great success . Thankyou for sharing your recipe. You inspire me. Thankyou Guruveeeeeyy 🙂


  8. I am new to cooking and i clearly have no clue….. i have to cook for a party tomorrow and i might need 1 kg of chicken…. if so should i just multiply the ingredients???

    Loved your pulao recipe and veg curry…. it was yummy…. thnks

    Oops sorry….. I am Manju by the way….


  9. Hi chechi..I have a doubt..Veg.fried rice undakkumbo fridgeil ninu edutha udane rice fry cheyamo? Room temperature akkenda avasyam undo?Pls rply


  10. Hi Veena Chechi,
    I tried all most all your recipes. You and your recipes are truly awesome and delicious . I started learning cooking through your YouTube channel. Nowadays all my dishes in the table have a touch of yours. Thank you so much.


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