23 comments on “Thani Nadan Kurukku Kalan/Katti Kalan Thrissur Style

  1. Hai Veena, I am also from Thrissur & tried the same recipe….it’s came very nice…
    First time I made Kalan my own…thank you for the recipe at the correct time….
    Coul you please give rasam recipe?


  2. Hi Veena,

    Firstly, let me start of by saying u have a lovely space here..hats off! I had made a kalan too for Onam this time but onloy with the kaya, and it turned out pretty good. I’ve posted the recipe in my blog, do chk it out! Your dish looks lovely..amazing pic! Pls do chk out my blog wen u get a chance. I’ve posted a few recipes in there which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Do join the blog if u like it. Happy to be a follower!



  3. hi veenachechi..
    made this kalan for vishu ..came out really well……….thanks for this authentic thrissur style kalan recipe.


  4. Hi Veena,
    I tried Kalan and it was really tasty, here in middle east we dont get sour curd…..thats why it doesnt taste as a Sadhya Kalan…… any tips for sour curd.


  5. Hi Robert ..
    Thanks for trying kalan and nice to knw that it came out well.. hmmm yea i knw even i am facing the same orb exp in winter season .. njan pala lodi kaikalum use cheyyarund .. Kalan undakki thale divasam vekkum .. purathu thane ..pitte divasam ucha aakumbol ready akum 🙂 allel used to buy Marmum yogurt .. kurachu puli kooduthal und .. athu ravile thane fridge il ninnum purathu eduthu vakkum… pine onnum allel atta kaikku dry mango powder add cheyyum … u can try any of these 🙂


  6. Hai veena.i used to add yoghurt at last for kalan.is it ok if v add first ie bfore adding cocnut paste.and no need boil also is it?veena thanks a lot for all ur receipes.i tried kadala curry potato curry.etc.delicious….veena.keep going on.👍


  7. sorry for the late reply ..was bit busy ..no dear ..for kurukku kalan u have to follow the same method .. in usual pulisseri we can add curd in the end but here we can’t do so..


  8. I am 84 and live in the US. I am from Palakkad. My wife used to make kurukku kalan and the shelf life is also good. I am going to try my hand on making this now. Thanks for the recipe.


  9. Thanks for the yummy recipe. This Recipe is similar to what my mother in law used to prepare. But she used to dry roast the cumin and fenugreek seeds. This is similar to Namboodiri preparation.


  10. Great job VEENA, Thank you for the recipe.

    (എന്റെ കാളൻ പാളി…. പക്ഷേ.. ഏട്ടൻ പറഞ്ഞു.. “നിന്റെ മോരുകറി തകർത്തു” എന്ന്… ഞാൻ പിന്നെ അതു തിരുത്തി “കാളൻ” എന്നു പറയാൻ നിന്നില്ല. )


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