5 comments on “Chicken 65

  1. Hi Veena, This is really really good……Came out really well…..Family loved it ,has a professional hotel feel to it… That good 🙂

    An interesting story with this dish……

    My sister tried it out first and told me to try out the recipe… Also sent me her version of the snap …. Tempted by this,the very next weekend ,got the ingredients and tried it and my snap looked even better and I sent that to her…Oh that very day she made it again with the all the correct ingredients,color etc and it then …ahem.. looked just about as good as mine 😉 …(she may disagree :)) and we called it quits….

    Needless to say husbands had a good laugh and a good meal…..

    The chicken in brine is a very good tip….Chicken was so soft and succulent….Yum yum…..


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