23 comments on “Malabar Style Meen Mulakittathu

  1. Veenaechi…it took so yummy…which fish have u used it? Do u suggest using small fish or big fish like king fish or tilapia for this curry?would love to make with mathi ..but I don’t get it here 😦 .


  2. EDA ..for this recipe u can try any fish … But for math i would suggest my thrissur recipe .. keen vattichathu with kudampuli .. 🙂


  3. Veena chechi thank you very much…am going to try this by after noon……am an expatriate…….missing Umma’s meen mulakittathu


  4. Hi Veena ,I love this fish curry.It was yummy…..My little one liked it so much.I like your recipes.


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