10 comments on “Rumali Roti

  1. Hi Veena

    You have got an awesome blog here.. went through most of the recipes.. excellent collection and most of them are the same style I follow.. so its great to have a quick reference to all the recipes when you are in a hurry.. made your kurukku Malaga and it came out super yummy.. thanks.. and keep posting 🙂
    P.S. I know blogging all these recipes take a lot of time, but if you could include some in-between pics whenever you can, it will be much appreciated. Just a suggestion. Thanks again 🙂


  2. Hi Sajitha ..
    thanks a lot for ur lovely comment and feedback..will def try to add more pics in between ..i have a naughty boy who never allow me to do all those thing u knw ..still will def try to do from next posts..so plz keep trying more recipes from curryworld ..and expecting ur feedback and suggetions in future too.. take care


  3. hii veenachechi,
    I have been into tis site only 2 weeks back…nd it was mind blowing…im frm angamaly…nw in doha…as i love cooking so was a regular watcher of vahreva…sme northy dishes u r adjusting it to our kerala taste its nice…i have tried almost 10 recpess of u within tis 2 weeks nd al came out good…i usd to watch many videos for same menu but urs found to be simple nd easy…keep going ..nd keep cooking…all the best …waiting for new delicious recipes…


  4. Hi Sujitha …
    Thanks a lot dear for the appreciation … Hope u had a great Onam … So u r from thrissur..thts great to knw ..yea i like vahrevah but not all..so when i see good one use to try and if it is up to the mark used to upload … 🙂 so keep in touch and try more and more recipes ..plz don’t forget to like my page in fb and share with ur friends too 🙂
    love veena chechi


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