3 comments on “Onam Special Thrissur Style Mani Payar Mezhukkupuratti /Tender Cowpeas Stir Fry/

  1. Dear Veena, great to hear Thrrisur bhasha when you explain your recipes. I feel as if my mom or my aunts are speaking. I am from Thrissur, and my tharavad is in Thhrikumarakudam, Ayyanthole. I was born and brought up in Delhi and i live in Bangalore now. I know my language and culture though!
    I love watching your videos and have tried many of them. They have turned out very well. Naranga Patchadi was the best. Yummm! Great Job you are doing Veena! THANK YOU!
    lots of love, Madhuri.


  2. Hello dear .. thank u soon much for such a sweet words .. these words have so much positivity in it … u people and ur love r my inspiration 🙂 love u… appo nattukar anallee.. kollaaam .. plz try more and recipes and keep in touch dear
    Wish u and ur family a wonderful Onam 🙂
    with lots of love ,Veena 😍


  3. Hi veena your recipes are so good and yummy… I have tried .. couple of times. It was a hit. Thanks a lot Veena . ..I have a question.. while preparing palada payasam not pradhaman can we use big rice ada flakes….is that ok to cut into small pieces…to make payasam…I have seen in your video… you mentioned small ada for palada payasam…here I didn’t get the small one… Please help me …


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