10 comments on “Pal Payasam- Kerala Temple Style Rice Payasam -Cooker Method

  1. Hai veena chechii.. u nd ua reciepes are just super.. ua food has the typical taste specially nadan okke excellent aanuu i am a malabarii nd was little weak in cooking good sadya items.. i just love your food.. recently saw u in youtube… nw i buy vegetables according to ua reciepes. Cant explain more


  2. Hai veena..l love your way of explaining.really your reciepies are too good.wish you all success.last mnth i was in dubai with my son.thought of meeting you.but couldn’t.Will try next time if you don’t mind.


  3. Hi veena chechi, I have tried ur temple palpayasam cooker method. It came out very well. I luckly got tulsi n thechi poo , as adviced I hav added that at the end which enhanced the taste and the flavour.Thank you for ur wonderful recipe ☺️


  4. Hi Veena chechi I’m your new fan . Your recipes have some magic in it. The recipes which i have tried came out super which many times not happened with others recipies. Thank you so much. I’m happy that I find you. Love you and family. And hundred mark to your smile.


  5. Hi…veena…..I am a big fan of u……thanks for each recipes and especially palpayasam. Huband Thrissur karananu so Thrissr nadan recipes valare use aanu enikku. Njan ernakulam kariyanu…..


  6. Hi Veena….Thank you so much for these tasty recipes….. Wonder presentation too. I tried that chicken biriyani… Nice pattiri… Chicken curry.. Idiyappam.. And everything came out well… Now I’m a big fan of you…..😀


  7. Veena checheeee spr anuttoooo… Njan cheythu… Njan athil kurachu neyyum milkmaidum koodi cherthu…. Polichu


  8. Hi veena good morning.
    I tried your recepies. I liked very much.
    Thank you very much.
    Tomato fry ,palappam, Saravanan style veg kuruma , easy plum cake , pomagranate punching etc ….. Super …


  9. Chechi njn chechide oru silent follower aan..easy palada cheyyan Chechi paranja pole cooker use cheythu… result was amazing.. Literally pink colour aayirikkunnu..This is awesome..finish aayilla panippurayil aan.. tension aayirunnu cooker thurakkumbo.. result kandathum blog thappiyeduthu..I couldn’t stop myself writing a compliment…


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