5 comments on “Perfect Malabar Kalathappam -||Sweet & Soft Rice Cake || Cooker Appam||Kerala Style Kalathappam

  1. Hai
    Veena chechi nn vikikkano aunty enn vilikkano.
    My name is Arya from Trivandrum. Njan oru engineering graduate aan. Last week results vannu.
    Nalla markode pass aayi.

    Njan aadyam aayittan msg ayakkunath. Athkond ith vayikkathe irikkalle. Enikk cooking othiri ishta. Vacation time il njan cook cheyyarund.

    Veena chechiyude cooking style enikk ishtaa. Ente oru favourite teacher und Divya Mam. Aa maminte almost same look aan veena chechik. Enikkoru kaaryam ariyana ee msg idunne. Enghaneya vegetables okke cheruthayi cut cheyyane. Enikkath pattunilla. Learners nn vendi ithpolathe kurach tips kude videos il include cheyyavo. Athpole cheryulliyum garlic um ginger okke arinj kazhinjal ente kai 3 divasam aa smell aayirikkum. Purath pokumbo Kannil kajal idunna samayath ee smell karanam I feel irittated. So could you help me to solve these small issues. I too want to be a good cook and make my husband(in future ippo allaūüėČ) proud of my cooking.

    Hope u replies to my message. Bakki details adutha msg il

    With lots of love


  2. Very nice efforts. You will reach somewhere higher. All the very best in your endeavour. Please pose along with your husband in the end. Let’s see the home team. Stay blessed. God bless you all dear.


  3. Veenechii… Thanks a lot.. Actually nteyum valya agraham ayirunnu perfect kalathappam undakkanam ennu… Chechi orupad thanks… I love your style of cooking.. May God bless you always.. Love you a lot


  4. Chechy ngan chaithanya unmesh…..luv u chechy …chechede recipies ellam try cheyyarunt lattest aaayit tomato sauce untaky ….. chechy parayunnapolenammade kuttikalk nammal veetil thanne untakumpo enthoravhimanama allle…..kadayil ninnu vangunna pole thanne sprrr…..uzhunnuvada untakiyirunnh athum sprrr …..kore nalukonte chechede recipiesoke try cheyyum ellam sprrn …. sathyam paranja comment cheyyanonnum ariyillarunnu ….. epo enganokeyo thspi kant pidichatha ..


  5. Hello Chechi,am SWETA from Calicut.I tried the kalathappam recipe d it came out so well… all credit goes to you.. Thank you


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