5 comments on “PALAPPAM

  1. Chechi, why dont u give a link to egg roast and potato stew…”Serve the appam with egg roast or potato stew…”


  2. hi chechi…am a beginner and trying to xperiment different dishes..:-) i have got a doubt.. what is the difference between pallapam and vellyappam..am also from thrissur & v call it as velyappam thr,and both the receipes luk t same..


  3. Hi Navya.. U r right.. But palappal is kore tasty and easy to make .. Aftual vellatappm thinu nammal nelikearm vellam okke cherkkum.. Vellayappam recipe ende mom in law nde kaiyil ninnum kittiyatha.. But eppol jjan palappam matrame undakkarulloo


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