21 comments on “Tomato Curry Using Coconutmilk(Thakkali thengapal curry)

  1. There you come withanotherof my fav dishes. Droll drool. I can imagine pouring the curry to rice and enjoying the meal.
    Just the thought makes me super hungry.


  2. Drooling dear…i am coming there for luch…the smell spreads da…pinne surprise post cheythittundu..vaayichoto..(ente mood sariyaayittilleda)


  3. Hey nice dish..i also have all the ingredients..i bought coconut milk last week but was not sure what to try with that so will give this a try..


  4. Sounds very simple and yummy! Was wondering what to cook tonight and then I bumped on your site! Am going to try it out right away. I often replace coconut milk with Soya milk. Cant wait to have dinner and am sure my kids will enjoy it too. Thanks dear Veena for this simple and yummy dish! Keep them coming!


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