22 comments on “Gobi Paratha

  1. Looks good da..i always wonder if itl turn well n good if I do..pottipovonno oru doubt..so havent tried yet..yours has come out yummyyy..:)


  2. hello veena,
    Wow there are so many methods of making this dish 🙂 I make it in a different way! I love parathas with any filling! the pics look lovely;) TC


  3. Dearie,nalla assalaayitundu..njanum oru paratha pranthiyanu..varumpol ithu venam ketto..perfect aayi..
    Great pictures as always
    I miss you da.


  4. Yummy,

    Gobhi paratha with added butter on top with achar and raita. Simply yummy. Very unhealthy, but what the heck, once in a while is allowed.


  5. hai , its not soo gud while am making gobi parotta, today i chkd ur blog n gt this recipe, so going to try this…thank u dear , am sure i can succeed…:)aftr tht will give feed bak…


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