23 comments on “Pineapple Pulisserry

  1. Hi Veena, thanks for answering my question regarding puttu. this dish is new to me. i love pineapple and i recently had a pineapple curry at a party. it was yum. i’m gonna try this one too.


  2. mampaza pulisseri is my all time fav n smtng i miss all the time..:(
    athondu njan epozhum ee dish undakkum..kanan nalla thick n creamy ayittundu..:)


  3. Mambazhpulissery is my son’s favourite too…veetil onnumillel i will make pineapple and mango pulissery becoz both r available in all seasons here…i like this dish becoz of the fenugreek taste…


  4. Hi,

    I have a huge pineapple lying at home. I was gonna make a pineapple souffle but that would use only 1/2 of it. I was just gonna poach the rest. But now I will try this savory recipe.

    It sounds good.


  5. veena chechi 2day i made pineapple pulisseri,comes out great am a great fan of ur cooking,thank u s much 4 de recipe


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