9 comments on “Erupuli/Pazham Pulissery /Pazham Kalan

  1. This name is new to me…We call this also pulissery…Curry looks so delicious..Oru pappadam kooti kurahe choode chore thinnan kothi…


  2. Hi veena
    Happy Vishu. Today i tried nenthrapazham kaalan, mathanga erusseri, olan and sambar as our vishu special. It was really really awesome. My hubby nd kids were totally surprised with these new recipes and the complete credit is yours. Two days before i tried ur mampazha pulisseri which is not common in our place and my elder son became a great fan of the dish. Thank you so much veena for your homely tasty recipes. Expecting many more. Have a blessed day. Happy vishu to all family members ☺


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